The Nursery Rebrand

The Nursery is one of the UK's leading improv theatre groups and works to promote improvisation as an art form and a day-to-day way of thinking.

We were approached by The Nursery to undertake a complete redesign of their entire brand, from the ground up. We worked with the team to create a logo that everyone had an input on, and which everyone took a part in creating. Using a series of worksheets, we generated a batch of shapes and letterforms which would become a custom typeface; at the core of the brand. We took the Nursery's emblem; the leaf and re-cut it, giving it a bold new position at the forefront of their brand, as well as a fresh new colour palette and brand guidelines. The new branding was then rolled out across merchandise, offices in Southwark, promotional material and stationary.

Branding, Typography, Print
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